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Aptean ActivPlant MES

Robust MES for Full Plant Floor Visibility

Aptean Activplant MES is ideally suited to automated factories in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries where real-time, accurate information is requisite to success. Such immediate visibility is virtually the only way to ensure compliance with stringent industry-regulated compliance standards and to keep customers happy with timely delivery.


  • Easily identify process constraints
  • Ensure real-time plant floor visibility with an easy-to-understand view of all plant data in one place
  • Experience cost savings in the ongoing management and maintenance training
  • Streamline equipment, product, and process data collection
  • Eliminate the need for development and programming
  • Increase throughput by 10 – 25%


Aptean ActivPlant MES has an unmatched ability to capture the data underpinning interactions between machines and processes, freeing your organisation from the burden of maintaining multiple, disconnected monitoring and data collection systems.

This gives you the visibility and business intelligence needed to drive efficiency, quality, and productivity improvements.