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Factory MES by

Aptean Factory MES (Manufacturing Execution System) uses real-time, shop-floor data to give operators, supervisors and executives actionable intelligence and complete visibility into production and quality to optimise plan attainment and OEE (overall equipment effectiveness). Available on-premise and in the cloud, Factory MES replaces non-value-added paper systems with user-friendly technology to drive continuous improvement and collaboration across your organisation.

Aptean Factory provides full manufacturing visibility from batching through to packaging to deliver real-time metrics such as plan attainment and units per man hour to help you build a culture of continuous improvement. With out-of-the-box capabilities and user-friendly principles embedded in the design, implementation is seamless. Companies can rapidly realise quality and productivity gains from accurate, timely information in a paperless environment.


  • Real-Time Performance Management
  • Flexible & Fast Deployment
  • Paperless Quality Compliance
  • Robust Out-of-the-Box Functionality


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