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Manufacturing Accelerator ProgrammeTM Enables Top HVAC Company to Optimise Processes and Increase Productivity

22nd February 2019 – Faced with the ongoing challenge of having to extract and amalgamate enormous amounts of spreadsheet-based information scattered throughout the organisation, streamlining their business processes was a top priority for this top HVAC (heat, ventilation and air cooling) company. The company therefore commissioned RSPH to use their MAPTM program to provide them with a manufacturing business system that would improve and increase their production capabilities, at the same time integrating with their Pastel-based financial backbone. Since the implementation of MAPTM, the company has already noted benefits in stock reduction, and is now able to plan their workflow processes more effectively. The company has already experienced a substantial return on investment. Their COO said the most impactful aspect was the MAPTM consulting process which forced them to re-visit their processes and get their staff to think out of the box and look at things in more detail. “We had assumed that the way we were doing things was the right way. This however proved not to be the case, as processes need to be continually updated and refreshed,” he said. “The benefits of the MAPTM Programme to improve the manufacturing process as a whole were both invaluable and commendable, and the organisation will continue to participate and engage with RSPH, and encourage others to do the same. Written by: Caroline Carter, RSPH, Johannesburg

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