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NI-Foundry Implements MAPtm to Improve Production Capabilities

15 November 2016 – Naledi Inhlanganiso (Pty) Ltd, aka NI-Foundry, has commissioned RSPH and Isah BV to implement MAPtm (Manufacturing Accelerator Programme) as a Core Manufacturing Business System to improve and increase their production capabilities.   NI-Foundry is a large foundry producing steel and iron castings and casts 150 to 200 tons per day of steel and iron products, including grey, ductile and SG iron.

Streamlining business processes, particularly in the factory, was a priority for NI-Foundry.  Pieter du Plessis, CEO of NI-Foundry said MAPtm’s Make-To-Order manufacturing system was the preferred option to address the company’s challenges and to streamline these processes.  “We required detailed planning so that every part of the workflow process is scheduled,” he said.

“We also needed to monitor work in progress, establish the value thereof, and at the same time determine which materials were required for better stock planning.  Material needed to be allocated to particular jobs, instead of having one general source,” said du Plessis.

“We need to have the ability to plan purchases effectively which will result in being able to secure better pricing” continued du Plessis.

“We had also taken for granted the way we were doing things was the right way, however this is not always the case as processes need to be continually updated and refreshed,” he said.

“MAPtm also provide us with more detail on the position and value of work in progress, which we have never been able to monitor before. The detailed hours accounting that MAPtm provides will additionally enable us to monitor individual performance, as well as machine utilisation. Planned maintenance will also be better controlled,” said du Plessis.

Ian Huntly, MAPtm Board Member and CEO of RSPH said the MAPtm System offers a complete transition into the modern world of lean and agile Make-to-order / Engineer-to-order manufacturing, enabling companies to meet today’s demands for high levels of product and service customisation, high customer service levels with predictable well-managed costs, delivery times and quality that is required to compete in today’s competitive world market.

“The ability of the MAP Programme to improve the manufacturing industry as a whole are commendable, and we will certainly continue to participate and engage with MAP and encourage others to do the same, because the benefits to the entire South African manufacturing industry will be invaluable,” concluded du Plessis.

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