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SE Suite Helps Engie Modernise Document Management

2018 – SE Suite Helps Engie Modernise Document Management

Headquartered in Belo Horizonte with offices in Brasilia, Belém, Florianópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay and Peru, Engie is one of the largest engineering consulting companies in the world, developing multidisciplinary solutions for the energy, water and infrastructure segments.

The Challenge

According to Cláudia Brandão de Andrade, coordinator of Documentation and Information, their work methods were obsolete, with a lot of energy being wasted on manual document control, resulting in a decrease in productivity, a compromised Quality program and a significant Information Security risk.

“We were losing control due to the high volume of document searching and retrieval. Before implementing the SoftExpert solution, there were various forms of document control, but none was effective for retrieval. With this problem in mind, we investigated the market for a system that could help us manage our information,” Cláudia explains.

The Solution

To overcome the problem, Engie adopted SoftExpert Excellence Suite (SE Suite), a platform for business excellence, process improvement and regulatory compliance, which comprises thirty-eight integrated modules that provide for up to twelve distinct enterprise solutions.

Engie implemented the SE Document module for the management, delivery and control of documents, the SE Archive module- which standardises archiving and simplifies the life cycle management of physical records, and the SE Request module – which automates and monitors the life cycle of requests by the different company departments.

The Results

SoftExpert Excellence Suite has increased productivity by improving control of information and data. The SE Suite modules satisfy the needs of all areas of the company and are compliant with Engie’s Information Security policies.

“SoftExpert Excellence Suite has changed the way we work, and has provided a number of benefits. By automating the document lifecycle and centralising the  management and control of physical and digital records in a single tool, we can efficiently and quickly organise and retrieve information, as well as comply with the requirements of our Quality Management System. In addition, all our technical and commercial needs are promptly met by the new system,” Cláudia concludes.

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