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Aptean Factory MES Saves Aurora Organic Dairy $200,000 in Less Than a Year After Implementation

2018 – State and local officials gathered for a special ceremony today to officially open Aurora Organic Dairy’s 127,000 sq. ft. milk production and storage facility. The plant is the company’s second milk bottling facility and is expected to have created more than 100 new jobs in the local community by year’s end.

Aurora supplies and packages private-label and store-branded organic dairy products for many of the country’s largest grocery chains. Aurora continuously analyses their downtime data, looking for opportunities to gain visibility, improve operational efficiencies, and save money and, during their analysis, they saw that the resin loss team was losing about $25,000 a month and weren’t tracking it. Using Aptean Factory MES, they implemented quality checks to track the resin loss in waste, and saved over $200,000 in 8 months.

“This project symbolises the advancements in agriculture and bringing high-quality organic milk to market,” said Columbia Mayor Brian Treece. “It also solidifies Columbia’s economic advantage for agri-business and food manufacturing companies.”

The facility will process and package an array of products:

  • Milk in a variety of single-serve and shelf-stable (aseptic) bottles
  • Value-added dairy products, including fortified and flavoured milks and cream
  • Extended shelf-life milk in half-gallon cartons.

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