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SoftExpert SE Suite Enhances Management of Risks and Governance for Corsan

2018 – Companhia Riograndense de Saneamento (Corsan) was created in 1965 to provide the state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, and its population, with better quality of life. Today, Corsan serves around 6 million people in 316 municipalities, which represents two-thirds of the people living in the state.

The Challenge

With the passage of Federal Law 13.303/16, in relation to the legal status of government-held, government-owned private companies and their subsidiaries were required to apply concepts and structures of corporate governance, transparency, risk management practices, internal controls and compliance. With this, Corsan needed to quickly adapt to a series of changes.

The Solution

To do this, the Office of the Superintendant of Internal Controls, Risk Management and Compliance (or SUCIR, its acronym in Portuguese) was created. This is where methodologies began to be defined based on best market practices, to then be able to meet the requirements of this new legislation.

According to Allan Machado Kovalscki, Superintendant of Internal Controls and Risk Management, the methodology used was based on ISO 31000 and on COSO, which had to undergo a series of changes in order to adapt it to the business. “We used the Risk and Control Plan for the corporate risk matrix through which risks were identified, listed and assessed, then moving on to identify controls in an effort to modify the risks identified, mitigate them, or reduce their impacts. After defining the corporate risk matrix, we moved onto identifying, assessing and controlling operational risks on the first line of defense,” Kovalscki notes.

After setting up the processes needed, the company  identified the need for a tool that would support the operational as well as the management areas. It decided that SoftExpert Excellence Suite (SE Suite) was perfectly suited to their needs.

The Results

Today, Corsan relies on very mature Risk Management and Internal Control processes and has already started deployment of the compliance processes using SE Suite. “The main differentials of the tool are its adaptability to the criteria proposed and the ability to have various modules, all integrated within a single tool, in addition to being a very user-friendly and easy to understand system,” explains Kovalscki.

Moreover, the processes mapped are available to all employees making it easier to understand and execute activities. With this, costs on more in-depth training have been lowered, since the processes are appropriately modelled and available to everyone, along with the company’s rules and internal standards. With the SoftExpert solution, Corsan has greatly enhanced its Risk Management and Governance.

“Adoption of the tool was fundamental for us to be able to implement the mandatory requirements. Today, nearly all of our governance processes are supported by SE Suite, including the SE Risk module, which also facilitates reporting on results and immediate analyses of risks that could compromise the business,” said Kovalscki.

Risk management was also applied at the company’s Projects Office, pursuant to the guidelines of the PMBOK. Not only does SE Suite automate planning, control and timelines and the monitoring of deadlines and responsibilities, it also identifies and controls the risks inherent to projects.

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