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RSPH Announces New Offering for the Mining & Beneficiation Industries

30th October 2019 – Mining and its related beneficiation industries have taken a back seat in the economy in the SADC for a number of years. Recent changes in the region however have brought about a renewed focus on this sector in order to unlock potential value, create employment, and generate downstream industrial activities in the economies in the region.

Building on their  successful offerings to the manufacturing sector, RSPH now offers a practical value chain plus a set of services and products to support the renewal of mining and benificiation through progressive industrialisation to modern sustainable standards.


While substantial work needs to be done with regard to digitising systems in order to boost both long-term viability and sustainability, there are many building blocks that can already contribute to building a solid foundation for future growth.

Fundamental to any journey towards digitisation and automation is that of getting the basics right, the first step being that of documenting and formalising business and operational processes associated with the primary value chain. Only when this is done can such processes be applied consistently and reliably. This in turn then provides the basis for further maturity and the consideration of additional factors such as people, safety, technology, environment etc.

RSPH has both the experience and tools to guide the customer on this journey, and welcomes the opportunity to engage with the industry in supporting its renewal process.


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