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Top Business Transformers Join Forces

South African consulting firm Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings (Pty) Ltd. (RSPH) is please to announce that it has been appointed as an Authorised Partner of Epicor’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) offerings.

“I am delighted to have RSPH on board,” says Vibhu Kapoor, Epicor’s Regional Vice President, Middle East, Africa and India (MEAI).  “Epicor is strongly positioned world-wide, and I have no doubt RSPH’s expertise in Sub-Saharan Africa will help us to extend our local footprint in this key area of growth.”

Kapoor goes on to say, “As companies become more open to technology and digital transformation as a sustainability and continuous improvement tool, they need dependable service providers who they can trust to see the process through to completion and offer positive results. This partnership is not based solely on business expertise, but the meeting of minds in terms of culture and ethos.”

RSPH was deliberately chosen by Epicor because of their deep industry knowledge and experience, transparency, success rate, and reputation – but equally importantly because of the shared values, customer-centric approach and broader vision. RSPH’s purpose is to empower companies in the manufacturing (Automotive; Food & Beverages; Capital Equipment; Engineering), mining, and oil and gas industries to become world-class competitors.  By upskilling both management and staff on the factory floor, these businesses can compete internationally, grow and create jobs, thereby boosting the economy as a whole, leading to a better quality of life.

The focus of both Epicor and RSPH on the sectors is motivated by the fact that these are the only sectors with a ten times downstream multiplier effect, the biggest shifters by far of economic growth for business and the country.

RSPH chose Epicor as a partner based on their commendable achievements in the same sectors. In June 2020 Epicor was named a Visionary by Gartner Inc. for the second time in a row for Cloud ERP, and recognised as a Leader for completeness of vision and ability to execute .

Epicor ERP demonstrates the ability to respond to clients’ needs and address concerns to prioritise feature offerings in product updates. Epicor has been commended by their customer base for their professional service team, implementation support experience, in-depth training and visible desire to improve their customers’ experience and deliver complex manufacturing ERP in the cloud for medium and medium-to-large enterprises.

Based on lack of full functionality in various ERP systems and its customer’s needs, RSPH evaluated several ERP systems globally to fulfill this need, and believes that Epicor ERP is the most appropriate fit for manufacturing companies.

“We are passionate ResultantsTM,” says Dilley Naidoo, Director at RSPH. “Consulting falls short if merely pointing out mistakes without guidance on HOW to achieve sustainable, positive RESULTS. Partnering with Epicor will further extend our reach and assist clients with particular needs to achieve the results they expect, sustainably.”

Paul Flannery, Vice President, International Channel Sales at Epicor concluded, “RSPH definitely has a solid reputation, business relationships spanning decades, and deep industry knowledge in the Manufacturing Sector – which makes them an ideal partner for Epicor. We are delighted to welcome RSPH to our Partner Network.”


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