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Litehouse Foods Improves  Performance with Aptean Process Process Manufacturing ERP

Litehouse Foods is a leading manufacturer of refrigerated salad dressings, cheeses, dips, sauces, cider, and freeze-dried herbs with a long history of innovation and a strong commitment to their employees. Litehouse, famous for creating the creamy bleu cheese dressing, was established over 50 years ago by the Hawkins family, and has remained a 100% employee-owned company since 2014.

Today, Litehouse operates as a 300 million dollar company and continues to maintain their focus on growth, driven by their passionate employees. Since 2007, Litehouse has relied on Aptean ERP to drive continuous improvement and better streamline their production processes, both of which they’ve accomplished through their active participation in the Aptean community.

Industry: Food & Beverage

Product: Salad Dressings, Dips, Cheeses, Herbs, Drinks

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Employees: <500

Head Office: Sandpoint, Idaho, USA


  • Fully reliant on a manual, paper-based system
  • Missing significant downtime numbers, leading them to believe they were performing at an artificially high OEE
  • No real-time visibility

The Solution

Litehouse needed a solution that could would eliminate the need for paper while providing opportunities to optimise performance and eliminate errors.

Aptean Process Manufacturing ERP (Ross Edition) is purpose-built for the food manufacturing industry. With a single ERP software solution, companies can manage all aspects of their operations – from the time materials enter the facility until the finished product is delivered. Through a wide-ranging set of features, Aptean Ross ERP provides the necessary visibility, tracking, and control to take your food business to the next level.


  • Full ROI realised in 9 months
  • Utilisation increased from less than 25% to more than 50%
  • Gained visibility into clear opportunities for continuous improvement

About Aptean
Aptean is one of the world’s leading providers of industry-specific software. Our enterprise resource planning and supply chain solutions are uniquely designed to meet the needs of specialised manufacturers and distributors, while our compliance solutions serve specific markets such as finance and life sciences. With both cloud and on-premise deployment options, Aptean’s products, services and unmatched expertise help businesses of all sizes, across many industries, to scale and succeed.

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