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SoftExpert receives Qualified Software certification from AWS 

24th August 2022

SoftExpert, a global provider of solutions for integrated management of compliance, innovation, and digital transformation, has just been recognised by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and earned its Qualified Software seal by completing its Foundational Technical Review (FTR) program. The certification corroborates the goals of the organisation, which has been working together with AWS in providing its customers with comprehensive cloud solutions, following best practices in Security, Performance and Scalability.

For SoftExpert’s CTO, Fernando Engelmann, receiving this recognition offers additional security to customers, as it proves that SoftExpert applies the best market practices in all processes and in the infrastructure of cloud services. “Following a rigorous assessment that helped us identify AWS Well-Architected best practices for our software, we are ready to serve customers who want to securely and efficiently migrate their traditional architectures to the cloud, anywhere in the world,” he says.

With global operations and serving different market verticals, with high compliance demands and security requirements, the company needed a scaleable and affordable cloud computing services platform that would support the growth of its customers and concurrent users on the SoftExpert Excellence Suite platform.

To enable this, the company incorporated new cloud services within the solution’s architecture, and implemented advanced encryption, access control and monitoring capabilities throughout the infrastructure. “We implemented significant changes in our processes and administration, with an operation focused on IaC (infrastructure as a code) and the use of services and technologies to increase security of the entire operation,” he adds.

Now, according to Engelmann, with the evolution of the system architecture and cloud management, the company offers high availability in several regions of the world, easily scaling infrastructure in a few minutes, in addition to full compliance with all security and compliance standards. “We can support the growth of customers and concurrent users on our platform, and we are sure of the scalability of the infrastructure,” he emphasised.

As part of its commitment to drive digital transformation in organisations and offer complete cloud computing experiences, SoftExpert has expanded its work together with Amazon Web Services through AWS ISV Accelerate, a program that extends the reach of independent software vendors (ISVs) leveraging the partnership with AWS’ own sales force. The initiative helps drive new business and accelerate sales cycles by connecting ISVs with the AWS sales organisation around the world.

According to Eric Secco, sales manager for ISVs at AWS Brazil, “the growth speed of ISV Accelerate shows the evolution of partners such as SoftExpert, which start to see the cloud as the primary method of software delivery. For customers, it means easier and faster access to unique business solutions validated by AWS. For our partners, in addition to presenting paths for the continuous evolution of their platforms, it allows them to scale their sales through a global program, with direct support from the AWS sales force”.

“Being part of the global SoftExpert/AWS community, and being able to count on the experience of these technology giants is key to our desire to provide our customers with the best solutions, as well as being able to help them scale their business whenever they need it,” says RSPH SoftExpert product manager, Mike Smith.

Looking at the future, RSPH intends to leverage the latest in Amazon Web Services technologies to deliver distinguished offerings, as well as expand its customer base and identify new opportunities together with AWS.

About SoftExpert

Founded in 1995, SoftExpert currently has more than 2,000 customers and 300,000 users in more than 30 countries. The company serves areas such as manufacturing, government, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and laboratories, financial services, high technology, IT services and education.

About RSPH

With its highly experienced team of Resultantstm, RSPH ensures that its customers derive real value from their current and future investment in digital business platforms by:

  • improving organisational and operational performance and efficiency
  • facilitating governance, reducing risk and cost of regulatory compliance
  • combatting bribery and corruption
  • improving quality of service and customer satisfaction
  • maintaining corporate/brand reputation
  • maximising profitability, sustainability and growth.

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