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RSPH Solutions for the Automotive Industry

The Challenge

The automotive industry is facing challenging times that require broad and transformative change. The rise of new competition, stricter environmental regulations and new safety standards are raising costs, making doing business more and more complex. Automotive companies need to review their strategic priorities and develop the resources and skills required to achieve their goals if they want to maintain profitability, sustainability growth and long-term success.

Aptean ActivPlant MES

Developed specially for automated factories in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries, Aptean ActivPlant provides immediate visibility of operations, and is virtually the only way to ensure compliance with stringent industry-regulated compliance standards, and meet demanding customer delivery requirements.

Aptean Factory MES

Aptean Factory MES (Manufacturing Execution System) uses real-time, shop-floor data to give operators, supervisors and executives actionable intelligence and complete visibility into production and quality to optimise plan attainment and OEE (overall equipment effectiveness). Available on-premise and in the cloud, Aptean Factory replaces non-value-added paper systems with user-friendly technology to drive continuous improvement and collaboration across the entire organisation.

Aptean Intuitive ERP

Aptean Intuitive ERP is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning solution for discrete manufacturers in repetitive, high-mix production environments and regulated industries like electronics, medical devices, and aerospace. With end-to-end support for production, engineering, inventory, finance, quoting, sales, and support, Intuitive streamlines operations and helps to identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements.

SoftExpert Excellence Suite

SoftExpert Excellence Suite (SE Suite) lowers the cost of regulatory compliance and helps companies in the automotive industry to maximise success, increase productivity, reduce risk and adhere to global regulations such as IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001and ISO 45001.

SE Suite provides a common framework that allows an integrated approach in managing multiple disciplines including quality, environment, corporate governance and compliance. SE Suite can be easily deployed in all kinds of automotive companies, ranging from small-parts manufacturers, aftermarket parts and Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 suppliers to OEM and global automotive manufacturers.