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RSPH BAGtm Programme

Business Alignment & Growth

RSPH’ BAGtm programme comprises a carefully selected set of processes that will allow your team to participate in the creation of alignment between people and processes in supporting the strategy, and setting the topology for growth. The team then internalises the business processes through the Prepare, Execute, Embed and Enhance levels of business and system maturity to achieve optimum levels of business development and growth. BAGtm is an integral part of the RSPH Project Methodology based on world leading standards of PRINCE2 and PMBOK, enhanced to ensure maximum effect, and uses the Capability Maturity Model Integration as the company moves from Level 1 to Level 5, aiming at best-in-class performance.

Local and international markets, regulations and key-drivers constantly change, resulting in the need to re-assess previous strategies, decisions and systems to achieve the ever-shifting target of maintaining competitive advantage. There is often the need for intervention by an independent third party to realign people, process and technology with the organisational intent, and BAGtm is a useful model for this. Perspectives taken in our review cover the strategic, tactical, operational foci and integrates them over time. Our approach commences with understanding the business, its markets and opportunities, and the strategies needed to take advantage of these through an enhanced Strategic Plan. This process also identifies opportunities for people, process and technology enhancements to better match the desired strategies, and carefully considered systems architecture. Far from being just a quick fix with only short term improvement, the BAGtm transformative process is aimed at staying and keeping ahead of moving targets, representing the need for an on-going relationship in the quest for continuous improvement. Our consultants are highly experienced and often authorities in their respective fields, and ably apply the customer specific programmes to engage the business, the personnel and the processes before, during and after the introduction of technology. With the design based on the strategic direction of the organisation, and the three elements rigorously aligned through the BAGtm  processes of the project, they combine to provide a powerful force for achieving strategic and operational objectives.