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Case Studies

RSPH / Mafube win ROI Business Value Award

June 2023 – Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings (Pty) Ltd. (RSPH) Specialist Implementation Partner for IS3 – Industry Software Solutions and Support also known as AVEVA Select Southern Africa, received the award for Best Business Value (ROI) at the IS3 Xchange User Conference, 2023. The selection process is rigorous, and detailed analyses are conducted on best value from the client’s perspective.

Sonda Columbia joins SoftExpert to manage indicators and Risks

November 2022 – Sonda has been on the market for over 45 years and is one of the biggest players in Information Technology services in Latin America. The multinational, which operates in 10 countries, in 3,000 cities with around 22,000 direct employees and over 5,000 corporate customers.

Audits, indicators and risks were managed in a decentralised manner, which made
it hard to monitor results and implement action plans. The company was looking for a
solution that allowed it to integrate management of these items, providing a global view
of results, with reliable information that is updated in real time.

Grupo Tiradentes saves $140,000 with SoftExpert Solution

April 2021 – With five institutions and approximately 2,700 partners in several states, the Tiradentes Group is a leader in higher education in the North and Northeast regions of Brazil. The organisation is also home to the Institute of Technology and Research (ITP) and the Tiradentes Innovation Center in Aracaju.

“In a single solution, we were able to find a quality management tool, with systematized communication that reaches all of our collaborators, process automation and integrated components, not to mention flexibility and autonomy in the use of the software.”

Corsan Enhances Management of Risks and Governance with SoftExpert SE Suite

April 2021 – Companhia Riograndense de Saneamento (Corsan) was created in 1965 to provide the state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil, and its population, with better quality of life. Today, Corsan serves around 6 million people in 316 municipalities, which represents two-thirds of the people living in the state.

With the passage of Federal Law 13.303/16, in relation to the legal status of government-held, government-owned private companies and their subsidiaries were required to apply concepts and structures of corporate governance, transparency, risk management practices, internal controls and compliance. With this, Corsan needed to quickly adapt to a series of changes.

Litehouse Foods Improves  Performance with Aptean Process Process Manufacturing ERP

Litehouse Foods is a leading manufacturer of refrigerated salad dressings, cheeses, dips, sauces, cider, and freeze-dried herbs with a long history of innovation and a strong commitment to their employees. Litehouse, famous for creating the creamy bleu cheese dressing, was established over 50 years ago by the Hawkins family, and has remained a 100% employee-owned company since 2014.

Litehouse were fully reliant on a manual, paper-based system and were missing significant downtime numbers, leading them to believe they were performing at an artificially high OEE.

With Aptean Ross ERP, full ROI was realised in 9 months, utilisation increased from less than 25% to more than 50%, and visibility was gained into clear opportunities for continuous improvement

MAPTM Enables Top HVAC Company to Optimise Processes and Increase Productivity – by Caroline Carter

February 2019 – Faced with numerous challenges of extracting and amalgamating enormous amounts of information scattered across numerous spreadsheets, streamlining business processes in their factory was a top priority for this top HVAC (heat, ventilation and air cooling) company.

PEZ Candy Improves Productivity and Decreases Lead Times with Ross Inventory Manager

November 2018 – Based in Connecticut, USA, PEZ Candy typically produces approximately 4.5 million pounds of candy each year. Since 2005, PEZ has relied on Aptean Ross ERP to monitor and manage their manufacturing processes, and has remained active in adopting new Ross technologies to maintain their competitive edge in the marketplace.

Trish McEvoy Boosts Response Times and Relationships with Aptean Apprise ERP

October 2018 – Cosmetic manufacturer Trish McEvoy selects Aptean Apprise ERP to improve inventory planning and availability, streamline transaction processing, meet compliance requirements, and reduce chargebacks associated with vendor violations.

Trish McEvoy needed a system that could help take the company to the next level of growth. With revenues increasing, the tracking of sales-performance and profitability – by product and customer – was becoming more critical. Its existing financial system was unable to handle the accurate inventory forecasting, planning and management necessary to ensure products were on-order and on-hand to meet customer demands, and to avoid costly out-of-stock situations.

Engie Modernises Document Management with SoftExpert Excellence Suite

August 2018 – Headquartered in Belo Horizonte with offices in Brasilia, Belém, Florianópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay and Peru, Engie is one of the largest engineering consulting companies in the world, developing multidisciplinary solutions for the energy, water and infrastructure segments.

According to Cláudia Brandão de Andrade, coordinator of Documentation and Information, their work methods were obsolete, with a lot of energy being wasted on manual document control, resulting in a decrease in productivity, a compromised Quality program and a significant Information Security risk.

American Tubing Resolves Scheduling Issues and Increases Bottom Line with Aptean Intuitive ERP

July 2018 – Situated in Springdale, USA, American Tubing Inc. (ATI) is a leading producer of copper components and brazed copper assemblies for use in the air conditioning and refrigeration industries. With revenues exceeding $10 million, ATI is a make-to-order shop with more than 150 employees, producing parts to individual customer drawings and specifications country-wide.

Prior to implementing Aptean Intuitive ERP, ATI faced a problem familiar to many manufacturers – that of scheduling. Customers were demanding shorter lead times, and ATI’s existing ERP system was not capable of providing the information necessary to respond quickly enough. As a result, ATI was losing business.

Aurora Organic Dairy Saved $200,000 with Aptean Factory MES in Less than a Year After Implementation

May 2018 – Aurora supplies and packages private-label and store-branded organic dairy products for many of the country’s largest grocery chains. Aurora continuously analyses their downtime data, looking for opportunities to gain visibility, improve operational efficiencies, and save money and, during their analysis, they saw that the resin loss team was losing about $25,000 a month and weren’t tracking it. Using Aptean Factory MES, they implemented quality checks to track the resin loss in waste, and saved over $200,000 in 8 months.

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