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RSPH Solutions for the Chemical, Oil & Gas Industries

The Challenge

Chemical, Oil and Gas companies are facing increasing pressure to remain ahead of the competition and unlock value. To succeed, they must have systems designed to keep pace with the ever-changing scenarios within their global industry.

Aptean Ross ERP

Aptean Ross ERP is a next generation Enterprise Resource Planning system for growing, mid-market recipe- and formula-based manufacturers. Its specialised capabilities can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and provide industry compliance. Aptean Ross has been designed with best business practices required to support unique business requirements and processes.

Aptean Ross is able to successfully manage the variability and complexities of both products and processes, as well as being able to accurately account for all resources, including raw materials and packaging supplies, equipment and labour, plus finished products including co-products and by-products. This can significantly improve production planning and efficiency, product costing, inventory, and batch-management, at the same time providing bi-directional traceability and recall capabilities.

Aveva Spiral – Unified Supply Chain Management

Aveva Spiral Unified Supply Chain Management allows the sharing of information throughout the entire supply chain, enabling collaborative decisions between diverse teams ranging from feedstock data management, trading, production planning and network optimisation, to scheduling and performance monitoring.

Corys Dynamic Simulators

CORYS combines the skills of physicists, ergonomists, trainers, software developers, graphic designers, and modelling experts to create dynamic simulators to address the operational requirements of clients in the power, transportation and hydrocarbon industries. CORYS simulators enable clients to optimise their training and engineering costs, enhance their workforce skills, and improve their operational safety and efficiency.

IntelliPERMIT Permit-to-Work Solution

IntelliPERMIT is a proven software solution for managing the entire permit-to-work and isolation process with an emphasis on safety and reliability. IntelliPERMIT helps to ensure that hazards are correctly identified when maintenance takes place, and that the necessary safety precautions are understood and adhered to. Authorisation of permits is controlled and audited to ensure compliance to procedures, and increase accountability of the individuals involved.

WAM Picasso Supply Chain Planning

WAM Picasso Supply Chain Planning (SCP) software supports the entire supply chain process including integrated business planning, sales and operations planning, demand planning, production and distribution scheduling, and inventory optimisation. By providing visibility of global operations, WAM Picasso helps to improve profitability, market share, and responsiveness to customer demand.

SoftExpert Excellence Suite

SoftExpert Excellence Suite (SE Suite) offers these industries the most advanced and comprehensive software suite for compliance and performance management needed to meet the stringent needs of industry in all aspects from controlling documentation, from risk management to performance monitoring, environmental, health and safety management, and much more.

SE Suite enables chemical companies to continuously improve operations by providing an integrated approach to managing multiple disciplines including:  incidents, waste, suppliers, risks, documentation, regulations, performance, projects, assets and much more.