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CORYS Dynamic Simulation Solutions

CORYS combines the skills of physicists, ergonomists, trainers, software developers, graphic designers, and modelling experts to create dynamic simulators to address the operational requirements of clients in the power, transportation and hydrocarbon industries. CORYS simulators enable clients to optimise their training and engineering costs, enhance their workforce skills, and improve their operational safety and efficiency.

With more than 280 customers in over 40 countries, CORYS is acknowledged as an industry leader in their field.

Training & Engineering Simulators for:


  • New build (nuclear)
  • Lifecycle support
  • Engineering  & platforms
  • Training tools & Programs
CORYS Dynamic Simulation Solutions 1


  • Freight rail
  • Passenger rail
  • Urban transportation
CORYS Dynamic Simulation Solutions 2


  • Chemical processing
  • Thermodynamics
  • Operations
  • Lifecycle modelling
  • Training & engineering
CORYS Dynamic Simulation Solutions 3