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Isah ERP for Manufacturing

Isah ERP includes all the functionality to manage customer order-driven processes. From initial client contact through to financial handling, Isah ERP ensures that your processes run more efficiently. The result is higher returns through lower costs, greater efficiency and increased supply reliability. And as a result, you will meet the demands of Smart Industry in the supply chain.

Isah ERP is an integrated information management system in which data is recorded centrally, and forms the basis of automating operational management systems. The deployment of Isah ERP also prevents duplication of work, and offers uniform provision of information within the organisation. This improves collaboration and communication between the company’s various departments and offices.

Isah ERP provides management with an up-to-date overview of the business processes, allowing the timeous adjustment of client order-driven manufacturing business in terms of planning, capacity and costs. The highlighting of trends and exceptions in data provides a basis for improvement of business performance and results.