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RSPH together with Mafube Coal Mining win Best Business Value award (ROI) category at IS3 Xchange User Conference 2023

Mining Weekly – 23rd June 2023

Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings (Pty) Ltd. (RSPH) Specialist Implementation Partner for IS3 – Industry Software Solutions and Support also known as AVEVA Select Southern Africa, received the award for Best Business Value (ROI) at the recent IS3 Xchange User Conference, 2023. The selection process is rigorous, and detailed analyses are conducted on best value from the clients’ perspective.

Mafube Coal Mining realised the benefit of evaluating and implementing an automated system to manage their plant equipment downtimes, as a foundation to embark on their business and digital transformation journey. The creation of a like-minded partnership based on Mafube Coal’s mining needs between IS3 and RSPH focused specifically on clearly understanding the business needs and implementing proven best-in-class AVEVA technologies to achieve the desired results.

Dilley Naidoo Interview with Mining Weekly

Mining Weekly – 29th March 2023

“Mining companies need to approach environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles on a truth and reconciliation footing and be honest about where they are on a scale of one to 10”, says Rifle-Shot Performance business development director Dilley Naidoo.

Naidoo, who spoke to Mining Weekly on Zoom, advocates that ESG be a living, breathing, day-to-day reality in mining companies, which need to be conscious of what has gone on before, where the industry is at present, and how it must move into the future.

Using Globally Proven Technology for your Employees Control of SAFE Work across the entire Mining Operation

Mining Weekly – 24th March 2023

Often, when talking about technologies for safer and smarter mining operations, we think of autonomous vehicles, unmanned diggers, collision awareness censors, nitrogen-filled tyres to reduce the risk of fire, rigs, hard hats and safety boots, maybe even virtual glasses used for artisanal training in remote or isolated areas, ropes and harnesses, etc.

But what if we consider something as seemingly insignificant, even bothersome as Work Permits?

Dilley Naidoo Interview with Mining Weekly

14th March 2023

“Let us re-pursue the exploration investment that catalysed South Africa’s economic growth more than a century ago as a means of helping to rebuild South Africa’s struggling economy.”

That is among the ardent messages put over by mining sector performance enhancer Dilley Naidoo, the director of business development at Rifle-Shot Performance, who spoke to Mining Weekly in a Zoom interview.

Naidoo recalled how it was investment in gold and diamond exploration more than 100 years ago that led to so much mining and non-mining growth in subsidiary industries across the value chain and a myriad of mining catalysed services – all of them collectively creating an enormous number of jobs.

And it all began with exploration, funded from outside the country.

SoftExpert receives Qualified Software certification from AWS

24th August 2022 – Mike Smith, RSPH

SoftExpert, a global provider of solutions for integrated management of compliance, innovation, and digital transformation, has just been recognised by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and earned its Qualified Software seal by completing its Foundational Technical Review (FTR) program. The certification corroborates the goals of the organisation, which has been working together with AWS in providing its customers with comprehensive cloud solutions, following best practices in Security, Performance and Scalability.

What’s a Chief VISION Officer?

17th January 2022 – Caroline Carter, RSPH

Your typical business leader is changing. Achievement used to be the name of the game and, if you were a typical CEO, you took pride in achieving the next objective that the company had set – breaking into a new market, and seeing the value of the share price increase. It must have been thrilling!

So why the need for change? It’s not that much of a mystery.

There’s so much complexity in the world today, markets are fast-changing, and staff turnover is so high that it’s becoming more difficult for a CEO to achieve the next objective. We can no longer just “wash, rinse, repeat”.

SoftExpert Solves Hyundai’s Suggestion Program Problems

3rd December, 2021 – Mike Smith, RSPH

Hyundai Motor Brazil, a subsidiary of the South Korean automobile multinational, recently adopted SoftExpert’s Excellence Suite software as a means of providing a portal for its employee suggestion program. Hyundai’s “My Brilliant Idea” portal was previously completely manually, and the process of registering and approving ideas typically took days to complete.

Rifle-Shot Celebrates 20th Anniversary

From its beginnings as an off-shoot from Dimension Data and Futuristix, and driven by wanting to better serve the manufacturing, mining and metals, oil and gas, and energy sectors with its deep industry knowledge and passion for excellence, Rifle-Shot is proud to have achieved the milestone of 20 years of success in business. During this time our partners, suppliers and clients have actively sought us out based on our decades-long relationships with key industry players, and the results we have delivered in the long term.

We would like to thank each and every one of our partners, existing clients and prospective clients that have journeyed with us to get where we are today, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with you, and expanding our reach over the next twenty years!

With heartfelt thanks,

Ian Huntly, Chief Executive Officer
Guy Imbert, Chief Operating
Dilley Naidoo, Chief Vision Officer

Digital Transformation in Agribusiness

12th August 2021 — Caroline Carter, RSPH

The agribusiness industry in sub-Saharan Africa faces intense challenges, including constant pressure to meet the demand of feeding a population increasing at 1.2 births per second, and growing safety and environmental concerns.

Companies must balance increasing productivity, efficiency and innovation with the need for socially and environmentally responsible products, including those destined for export to countries with strict regulations.

Top US biopharma company replaces legacy QMS system with SE BPM

10th May 2021 — Mike Smith, RSPH

ADMA Biologics of Boca Raton, Florida, USA has selected SoftExpert’s Quality Business Process Management (QBPM) platform to replace their legacy QMS solution. This change will accelerate the development of intelligence Business Process Management Solution (iBPMS) based applications that better captures ADMA’s business processes.

2020 MESA Virtual Conference

January 2021 — SA Instrumentation & Control*

2020 brought about a lot of uncertainty, anxiety, fear, broken economies, and a complete halt to what we have come to know as ‘life’… I wonder why? Jokes aside, COVID-19 has left devastation and destruction in its wake, normally words we use to describe natural disasters, but this virus has firmly cemented itself into that category. I’m pretty sure the organising team over at MESA Africa were scratching their heads trying to get a Yes or No to go ahead and plan this two-day virtual conference. Many of us would probably have thrown in the towel as this is a historically attend-in-person event, and going digital must have complicated matters. I mean, you have to get a platform to host several people, share video, audio and slides (live), interact via chatbox, ensure the connection from where you are recording is on near-5G grade latency and reliability …

*Republished with kind permission of SA Instrumentation & Control

Interview with Dilley Naidoo on eNCA Today (DSTV Channel 403)

23rd November 2020 — Caroline Carter, RSPH

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni says the decision by ratings agencies Fitch and Moody’s to downgrade South Africa further into junk status is a painful one, and to that end the country is looking continually at ways of boosting the economy.

Press Release and Webinar Link – Safe Miners Keep Mines Alive

19th October 2020 — Caroline Carter, RSPH (as published on Creamer Media’s Engineering News)

While we have seen news about cabinless, emissionless underground vehicles and the technological progress is astounding, we are some years away from this becoming the norm. In the interim, we need to safeguard human beings – the life-blood of all mines.Given that the landscape of health and safety in general has been in the spotlight and efforts have been substantially intensified, surely it would make sense to revamp the entire health and safety strategy to ensure longevity of the process and sustained benefits to both the workers and the mines long-term?

As mineworkers have returned to work in full force, there is a substantial amount of anxiety around Health and Safety measures being adhered to.

Press Release – Safe Miners Keep Mines Alive

10th June 2020 — Caroline Carter, RSPH (as published on Creamer Media’s Engineering News)

Given that the landscape of health and safety in general has been in the spotlight and efforts have been substantially intensified, surely it would make sense to revamp the entire health and safety strategy to ensure longevity of the process and sustained benefits to both the workers and the mines long-term?

We could easily compare the devastating effects of accidental injury with the spread of infection, as both are devastating to the mining industry. Since Covid-19 safety measures are now mandated, we maintain that we should be addressing total mine safety.

Press Release – Why SA should not put all its manufacturing eggs in China’s basket

24th March, 2020 — Dilley Naidoo, CEO of Madala & Associates, and Director of RSPH says, “Currently, South Africa has over 20% of its manufactured goods imported from China. This is one of the largest dependencies compared to other countries globally.” Given that China has until now been the hardware manufacturing capital globally and is no longer operating, this should highlight our over-dependency on imports. The outbreak of Covid-19 internationally should be a wake-up call on the impact of our dependency on imported products in general.

South African distributors and consumers in the supply chain have not escaped this over-reliance on Chinese imports of manufactured products, and in addition to the economic impact, the lack of materials is impacting operations, end customer delivery and overall satisfactionwhich is why we should not ‘put all our manufacturing ‘eggs’ in the China basket.’

New Offering Announced for the Mining & Beneficiation Industries

30th October 2019 – Mining and its related beneficiation industries have taken a back seat in the economy in the SADC for a number of years. Recent changes in the region however have brought about a renewed focus on this sector in order to unlock potential value, create employment, and generate downstream industrial activities in the economies in the region.

Building on their  successful offerings to the manufacturing sector, RSPH now offers a practical value chain plus a set of services and products to support the renewal of mining and benificiation through progressive industrialisation to modern sustainable standards.

While substantial work needs to be done with regard to digitising systems in order to boost both long-term viability and sustainability, there are many building blocks that can already contribute to building a solid foundation for future growth.

ProfWeb CEO appointed as COO of Madala & Associates

19th September 2019 – Angelo Kehayas, CEO of ProfWeb has been appointed as Chief Operating Officer of Madala & Associates. He brings with him a wealth of experience as a public and keynote speaker, and as a business, executive and leadership coach.

Angelo has served at senior levels in several blue-chip companies and has established and run successful ventures in multiple industries. Angelo specialises in challenging assignments, solving systems problems, and facilitating group and team planning sessions.

As a certified Master Coach, Certified Management Consultant and NLP Practitioner with IMCSA (Institute of Management Consultants and Master Coaches), his approach is unique in that he addresses the inter- and intra-personal issues facing businesses and business owners, particularly entrepreneurs.

Local Manufacturing Opportunities Lay In Deeper Localisation

21st August 2019 – At a recent South African Excellence Movement (SAEM) seminar hosted by the Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI), National Association of Automotive Component and Allied Manufacturers (NAACAM) commercial director Shivani Singh said that she believes that South Africa’s automotive manufacturing growth opportunities lie in deeper localisation involving Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 manufacturers, as the majority of components are currently imported.

Milano Automates Processes with SoftExpert Solution

August 2019 – Milano is a logistics operator for dry loads, cold chain and document management and storage. The company specialises in integrated logistics projects for the public and private sectors.

The Challenge
According to Mayara Arantes, process analyst at Milano, the operation had many parallel controls, which led to document management failures. In addition, there were many problems with process tracking, which resulted in loss of records.

RSPH Adjudicated Top Empowered Company in the Business Advisory Sector

1 July 2019 – Established 19 years ago at the request of Cyril Ramaphosa, Impumelelo was the first directory of top black-owned and managed companies in South Africa. Since then, the Top Empowerment brand has grown into one of the country’s most well-respected transformation platforms. Recognising the major advancements made by the commitment to boosting black businesses and business people, Top Empowerment promotes these captains of industry.

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)
3 Keys to Long Term Manufacturing Success – by Mike Smith

2 April 2019 – Across every industry and market, executives talk about the significant investment of time and money involved in bringing new products to market. These same people also say they wish their suppliers would become more reliable and consistent in providing material, parts and services that are on-time and within specification.

SA Poultry Threat – What Can We Do About It? – by Caroline Carter

18 March 2019 – In FoodStuff SA last week, there were discussions around the dumping of chicken on our market. Sapa has applied for an 82% ad valorem import tariff on bone-in and boneless frozen chicken from many non-EU countries, including Brazil. With the right government assistance, this could go a long way to helping local producers increase market share and grow the job market in the process.

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