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Industry Leaders Join Forces to Support Oil & Gas Industry

1 July 2019 – Software implementation houses Industry Software3 (IS3) and Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings (RSPH) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that is intended to benefit the manufacturing, utilities, refinery and mining sectors in Sub-Saharan Africa.

A unique combination of plant-specific and enterprise-wide offerings will, for the first time, allow for the provision of a unified supply chain management system that will enable visibility and optimisation of the entire supply chain, from tanker – to refinery – to pump.

RSPH Adjudicated Top Empowered Company in the Business Advisory Sector

1 July 2019 – Established 19 years ago at the request of Cyril Ramaphosa, Impumelelo was the first directory of top black-owned and managed companies in South Africa. Since then, the Top Empowerment brand has grown into one of the country’s most well-respected transformation platforms. Recognising the major advancements made by the commitment to boosting black businesses and business people, Top Empowerment promotes these captains of industry.

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)
3 Keys to Long Term Manufacturing Success – by Mike Smith

2 April 2019 – Across every industry and market, executives talk about the significant investment of time and money involved in bringing new products to market. These same people also say they wish their suppliers would become more reliable and consistent in providing material, parts and services that are on-time and within specification.

SA Poultry Threat – What Can We Do About It? – by Caroline Carter

18 March 2019 – In FoodStuff SA last week, there were discussions around the dumping of chicken on our market. Sapa has applied for an 82% ad valorem import tariff on bone-in and boneless frozen chicken from many non-EU countries, including Brazil. With the right government assistance, this could go a long way to helping local producers increase market share and grow the job market in the process.

How to Avoid Being the Next Food-Safety Scandal – by James Wood

One of SA’s largest food manufacturers recently found itself battling to save its reputation (not to mention its biggest customers) following the Listeriosis outbreak in one of their factories. This scandal could have happened to anybody in the Food Manufacturing Industry. Time and time again we hear stories of workers altering sell-by and slaughter dates on packages, as well as mixing old and new produce. At the very least, companies caught committing these kinds of practices will have the terms of their deals to supply the main supermarkets renegotiated aggressively, and in the worst case they could lose the contracts altogether. 

Manufacturing Turnaround – Why Is It Critical for SA?
How to Get It Going Today! – by Caroline Carter

22 May 2018 – Industrialised countries across the world have been realising that a vibrant manufacturing sector is an essential part of their economy and the value chain creates huge amounts of wealth for the citizens. It is essential to the social fabric of the economy. Manufacturing, together with mining and agriculture, are the only industries with 10-times or greater multiplier effect on the economy. Agriculture, agri-processing and capital goods manufacturing, despite their small direct share of the total GDP, remain critically important sectors in the South African economy.

AI and BPM: The Next Step to Process Innovation – by Dilley Naidoo

8 March 2018 – “Any attempt to become more competitive can be fraught with risks and challenges, but it can also pose opportunities,” – so says Dilley Naidoo,  Director at Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings. “To stay competitive, companies need to be fast. They need flexibility and agility to rapidly change their practices and mature their business processes.”

Innovative businesses are deploying new business models, through processes which deliver superior value for customers, employees and shareholders.

New BB-BEE Group Formed to Accelerate SA Transformation Shortcomings

30 January 2018 – Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings (RSPH) has partnered with Madala & Associates to create a BB-BEE Level 1 Partnership. In addition Madala & Associates CEO, Dilley Naidoo, has been appointed business development director at RSPH.

 RSPH is a distributor and implementer of specialised management software and business process consultancy services, while Madala & Associates is a majority black female-owned BB-BEE Level 1 company whose primary objective is one of investing, adding value, and creating long-term sustainable businesses that contribute to overall skilled job creation, capacitation and business education in South Africa.