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Sigmafine by Pimsoft

Maximising the impact of improved data quality

Caring for process and manufacturing data is a technological challenge that requires specialised methods, processes, knowledge and expertise in order to fulfil this mission successfully. Sigmafine integrates all the above into a class-leading enterprise software solution that can sustain data quality across the value chain, thus maximising the impact of improved data quality on operations and the business as a whole. Many companies in the process and manufacturing industries rely on Sigmafine to improve the accuracy and useability of their production data, building trust in decision-making processes and digital transformation initiatives.

As a data quality platform, Sigmafine implements model-based data validation, reconciliation, and conditioning algorithms. Solutions delivered through Sigmafine include production accounting, loss accounting, energy balance as – well as model-based performance monitoring, product allocation, composition and quality tracking. Sigmafine supports the entire process end-to-end: from the definition of a raw dataset, associated data collection and processing rules; to model building, validating, reconciling, and conditioning datasets that can then be utilised with confidence by company data consumers such as operations, ERP systems, and Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms.

In addition to its core data validation and reconciliation capabilities, Sigmafine has extensions that support the needs of the modern enterprise:

• Manual data collection of material movements and tank readings;
• Integration with business systems via SOA or Pimsoft Integration Framework (IF);
• Flexible on demand data access serving the knowledge workers, the decision makers and the operators;
• Tracking of Asset configuration ensuring relevance of data models at all times and retention of change history.

Sigmafine brings disparate data sources into a common model to ensure that the integrity of data remains consistent across various data collection systems, highlighting gross error detections and measurement bias, providing benefits in the following areas – to name but a few:

  • Production Accounting Accuracy
  • Highlighting Loss Management
  • Material Tracking
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Materials Mass Balancing

Sigmafine embeds PI System technology and provides native integration via its Asset Framework. This enables Sigmafine to be applied in several contexts, exchanging data and assets seamlessly with the PI System. The Sigmafine system can also be easily connected to any OLEDB or SQL database though Sigmafine’s standard  Integration Framework.

Regardless of the industry or the problem domain, Sigmafine has the breadth and depth needed to deliver and support a wide range of applications and solutions across all process-based industries including Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Metals & Mining, LNG, Power Generation, Utilities, and Pharma.

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