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SoftExpert OKR

Discover SoftExpert OKR Have you ever heard of OKR? This abbreviation stands for Objectives and Key Results. It is a management methodology that was developed by Andrew S. Grove, former CEO of Intel, and popularised by Google, which has it has been using since 1999. OKR is a way of

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SoftExpert Apps Released

SoftExpert Apps Released SE Workflow App Easily start your processes – even when offline One of the new features that stand out in SoftExpert Suite version 2.1.9 is the release of the Workflow App. And best of all, you can now synchronise processes, start workflows, and fill in forms offline.

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Beyond Digital Transformation

Business Transformation – Going beyond digital transformation While many companies have been inspired to get started on a so-called ‘digitalisation initiative’, many have also found that it is not as easy as some ‘digitalisation prophets’ have predicted, plus the goal of realising the real value of digitalisation, both internally and

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Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction: How is it monitored? The ISO 9001 standard has its focus on the customer, and the increase of their satisfaction as one of its main principles. The best way to achieve this goal is through continuous and systematic evaluation of the product or service that the organisation provides,

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Ready to Drive Growth in Your Snack Business?

Ready to Drive Growth in Your Snack Business? As a snack producer, you must be able to adapt to evolving trends while continuing to produce consistent, quality products profitably. That’s a big ask. Let Aptean solutions do some of the heavy lifting. Aptean ERP Solution for Snack Businesses Are you ready

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Does ERP equal Excel Runs Production?

Does ERP = Excel Runs Production? “One of the seductive things about a spreadsheet is that it is so easy to create one. Unlike an ERP implementation, which is a complex project – even to modify or add features to, even a complex spreadsheet can be generated by one person

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