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Service and Enhancement Programme (SEPtm)

Over the past twenty years the Global Village has been experiencing exponential rates of change in business and infrastructure with diverse impact on every entity and every being, with the only prospect being one of continuously accelerating change. From a business perspective, this means that it is no longer possible to implement processes and systems and expect them to continue delivering consistent value over its lifetime without enhancement. For many people, this is the beginning of Industry 4.0.

Change means that each and every process and system will require continuous monitoring and updating to ensure it keeps up with constantly changing environments.

While a step change in business value generation is generally expected during each implementation phase, there is seldom much thought given to future development wherein most of the ongoing value is generated.

The RSPH Service and Enhancement Programme (SEPtm) is a process of applying incremental change over the lifetime of the system and relationship, thereby helping improve the system fit to your business and enhancing your competitive advantage through a process of supporting continual improvement and follow-up training.