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RSPH Solutions for Transport & Logistics Industries

The Challenge

With increasing global competition and continually evolving regulations, companies in the transportation & logistics sector face ongoing challenges in all aspects of their operations from environmental efficiency to supply chain management, from technological improvements to regulatory compliance, and the ever-increasing customer demand for quality of service.

Corys Dynamic Simulators

CORYS combines the skills of physicists, ergonomists, trainers, software developers, graphic designers, and modelling experts to create dynamic simulators to address the operational requirements of clients in the power, transportation and hydrocarbon industries. CORYS simulators enable clients to optimise their training and engineering costs, enhance their workforce skills, and improve their operational safety and efficiency.

SoftExpert Excellence Suite

SoftExpert Excellence Suite (SE Suite) provides the transport and logistics industry with the most advanced and comprehensive software for compliance and performance management, at the same improving performance and lowering costs.

SE Suite satisfies the stringent demands of the transportation and logistics industry in all aspects including those of regulatory compliance, document management, managing risks, assets, maintenance, and much more.